(junk food)

i love salty/sweet combo and like to put pieces of chocolate between crackers.

i melt my m&m's for a few seconds in the microwave.

i always eat the outer chocolate shell on coated ice cream bars first and then eat the ice cream.

all 3 of those last ones were chocolate related, but honestly i dont LOVE chocolate...i prefer white chocolate for the most part. i do get a taste for regular chocolate every once in a while, but i cant eat too much of it.

i BLEND my oatmeal...in a blender...yes. i add hot milk and whatever else i want (maple syrup, brown sugar, butter, whatever) and i stick it all in there and blend it up. as a kid i would NEVER eat oatmeal because i though it was gross and thick and weird because my family always used water to make it. when i got older, i started using milk and making it soupier and it was tastier and more tolerable to me that way...more recently i started blending it (just decided to try it on a whim) and i loved it. i still cant eat that much of it because it makes me full really fast.

peanut butter and maple syrup sandwiches are yum.