I have a question about that "circumference," because most of the 4a YouTubers appear to consistently have larger curls than that.

4a is so difficult to define, though. It seems to include on the same head 3c and 4b, and can at different times appear to be one or the other.

And just look at those examples. I would have classified Esperanza as 4a, Macy as 4b. Who knew?
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I agree with you. Hair can appear to be one or the other at different times & with different products, & also depending on it's condition. Here's a photo of mine to add to the confusion. When I did the BC in 2009 my hair didn't look like this. I'd had curly perms for 28 yrs & had a headful of scab hair that would not obey any product. KinkyCurly did not work & I gave Knot Today a bad review here. Carols' Daughter & Qhemet worked so so. After 2 yrs of ayuvedic oils,natural products, extreme pampering, & trimming off scab hair every few months the texture went back to normal & I grew a lot of little curls. My hair looks like this with KinkyCurly & now Knot Today works wonderfully. Soaking wet it can look like this but with less organized spiral curls but it does have a definite curl pattern.It also makes a difference what shampoo/condish I use. When I tried the Mane & Tail shampoos/conditioners everyone raved about, my hair hated them & I wound up with a wild, dry,wiry feeling, tangled up mess that bore little resemblance to the photo & was hard to detangle.Now Qhemet & Carol's Daughter work waaaay better than they did 2 yrs ago now that scab hair is gone. I just say my hair's type 4 & call it a day !! What do you call it?

I think there are so many hair variations you can go mad trying to classify them & then you might find out something for your "type" doesn't work but one from another "type" does !
Hair type 4 "mystery"
Fine,soft hair with little penspring curls of different sizes. Small patch of wavy hair at center of my nape. Did BC in 2009 after 28yrs of curly perms.
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