Red velvet cake is not red velvet cake without a lot of chocolate and espresso! Otherwise, you just have a regular cake with red dye (which imo tastes bleh)

CEimB Mocha Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake Recipe | Guilty Kitchen
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Red Velvet cake is NOT a chocolate cake or a mocha cake. Also you do not need to use dye you can use beets. Also from what I have read back in the day the color came from a chemical reaction in the ingredients.
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Ummm, ok. No need to "school" me tae. LOL. I don't care if you are a pastry chef, the BEST red velvet cake I've ever had was a mocha red velvet cake from King Fish Cafe (a Southern food restaurant in Seattle). Hands down! Therein lies my opinion regarding cocoa and espresso. It doesn't taste like a chocolate or an espresso cake (i.e., in a blind taste, I wouldn't say it was either), but you can pick out these flavours and it's just yumminess!! I personally don't love, nor have I used those specific recipes that I posted, but they are the one's I could find since I wasn't at home.

From your link:

Some red velvet cakes have no cocoa, others have up to half a cup. The less cocoa, the brighter the red, and the less food dye is needed to give it the desired hue
I did not say it was a chocolate or mocha cake, just that it had cocoa and espresso, which IMO give it a unique twist.

Most RV cakes I've seen are just a regular cake with red dye. I am a baker too and have been baking with my mum since I was 5 so I know a thing or two about baking. And yes, red dye is not necessary because of the reaction between cocoa powder and acid in the cake (usually vinegar or buttermilk). Red dye makes the cake more exciting imo. Red dye can be synthetic or natural, you just have to choose what you want.

Anyway, OP, I like this one. The texture looks similar to my favorite one, but I don't use the beets, just natural food coloring

All Natural Red Velvet Cake | sophistimom

You can use natural red dye if you want to (usually made from beets and other red/pink veggies). This one is made from beets and carrots and it is concentrated so you use less.

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There's more than one way to make many things and people prefer different tastes

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