I wasn't trying to school you. You said the cake is not RV without a lot of chocolate (Cocoa) and espresso but there are limits. No matter how you slice and dice it there is a limit before you cross into a chocolate cake or Mocha cake that is just dyed red. I know there is cocoa in the cake. I've made more RV than most make in a life time. You can think what you want and call it what you want, I've seen worse. This is going to sound hella snarky but Idk how to not make it so, I'm not trying to be mean. When it comes to food I just know better than most but it is my job to do so and why I went to school. My response about being a chef was more to the person saying I was confused about what the cake is. I know there are more than one way to cook something. Trust me I know that. Anyway when it comes to cooking I'm a bit of a snob... I'm sorry.

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