It seems to me some biracial people who dont want to choose one race or the other (which I dont think they should have to) have created a backlash against biracial people who CHOOSE to identify themselves as one race. I have many friends who are black and something else but they consider themselves black. And i have many filipino and white friends who say they are filipino. It is their perogative and nothing to do with denying their heritage.
I had a coworker who is black say something about my race recently and I said I am black. He said I must be mixed with something because of my hair. I said nothing but was offended. If I say im black then Im black. Just because I have light skin and freckles doesnt compel me to have to self identify as mixed race as some people on here suggest.
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I can identify with this, because, I too, identify as a black woman. So, for those, who don't feel that we should be offended, because we "obviously look mixed", it is an insult to our blackness. It is, as if, to say that a black person cannot be light skinned or have curly or long hair. As least, for me, that is what goes through my mind. Likewise, when I hear "well you're only half", it is to deny my blackness. I am aware that I'm mixed, that I'm in fact also half-white, but I do not feel white at all. I walk through life as a black woman, and don't you dare try to take that away from me, for it is not an easy way to walk through life to begin with. With that said, we've taken the conversation away from hair to race. But, I understand how others may not or do not mean it offensively, as I certainly mean no harm when I ask people what their ethnicity is. I suppose we all are sensitive to different things.
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I hear you and I respect where you're coming from.

I agree...we all feel differently when it comes to certain things.

Now as I said before, being thought of as mixed isn't necessarily an insult to one's Blackness (at least not in my mind). A person can be both. I also identify as black, but I will also say "yes" if somebody asks whether I am of mixed heritage. I see no need to hide it. Maybe when I was younger but not anymore.

Besides, the conversation is about both hair and race because this is one of the ways people try to determine somebody's ethnic background. Sometimes people look at a person with a different hair type and they are curious/confused, whether it is due to ignorance or lack of education. Some people just don't understand the concept of diversity or they assume that people of a certain ethnic group are supposed to look a certain way.

Likewise, some people see a very light-skinned person who identifies as Black and they question that. It says more about the person asking the questions than it does about you. That is all I meant. I know it can be annoying to have people question your identity and your heritage, but as long as you know who you are, no one can take that away from you.

I hate being questioned about my heritage as well but at the end of the day, I realize that the questions come from ignorance or simple curiosity.

I'm not sure who you were directing some of your statement at, but I apologize if I offended you.

Anyway, I was simply sharing my perspective. I truly meant no disrespect to you or anybody else.