Like Corinna I believe mine is a 2c/3a mix - some of the curls are looser but that can be the nature of curly hair. It does not have the 2c texture as described by It is fine, thin-medium, and bounces up nicely.

It's come a LONG way since last summer tho!!
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Your curls are so beautiful Aaaaand, we have the same hair properties (with the exception that my hair is being weighed down), so I'll have to try out some of the products in your sig :P
Using the CG Method since October 2011

3a curly hair, Mid-back length
High porosity, protein craving
Some of my fave products:
-DevaCurl No Poo/Giovanni Tee Tree Triple Treat
-Suave Naturals Condish
-LI: DevaCurl One Condition
-Stylers: DevaCurl Light Defining Gel/Frizz Free Volumizing Foam/Jessicurl Rockin' Ringlets (not all at once )

Learning to embrace my curls one step at a time