Hey everyone! So, a few weeks ago, I completely joshed up a Curlformers set. Well, it looked okay, but I have a problem with big hair and ended up attempting to tie it down, which only gave me huge, bumpy hair!

This weekend, Saturday night, I really needed to get something done with my head for Easter Sunday. I REALLY didn't want to wash my hair yet, (I'm super lazy) and thought I'd just detangle and load up with Eco Styler and hope for the best. Well, washing/detangling my hair usually takes a good 40mins to 80mins if it's really busted (like after leaving twists in for too long). I didn't want to go through all of that, so I thought I could just leave it alone and do the gel. Earlier that day I picked up Infusium 23's detangling leave-in (it looked cool, and I don't use leave-ins or detanglers).

I sprayed my sections with water and olive oil, moistened with the leave-in, and detangled. then loaded up each section with gel, and coiled and knotted them. Afterwards, I pulled the top sections to one side, and ended up detangling MORE just to get all the sections on the same page (same stretched length, same smoothness, lined up curl pattern). The top half was pulled to the left side of my head, and I used a hard brush, and more gel to smooth it, then tied it with a band. THEN I did a big twist and pinned it out of the way. I did the same thing with the bottom half, gel, brush, pulled it to the same side. Two twists, from that one, knotted, and pinned. I wrapped it with a long scarf, and put super control-top hose on top of that. AND slept on my right side. Altogether, the process took nearly 2 hours (detangling sucks, no matter what, I guess!)

Next morning, I took the knots down (left in the twists) then wrapped them around haphazardly, and pinned all around. Then threw in some chopsticks for good measure!

Infusium 23 Detangling Leave-in + Eco Styler Gel Clear = Win.

Here's pics post-Curlformers, style from the front (so close to scalp!), side, and back! Sooo much hair...
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You and your hair are beautiful! How long have you been natural.?
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