Also due with #3 soon. We cloth diapered both of my sons although I think I did for not as long with my second. I don't really remember.

I think it's great, but it is also time consuming or could be a bit pricey. We ended up purchasing a really good washer that uses less water than the average washer. I think if you don't have that, you'll be spending lots more money than you anticipate. Another option is to do a diaper service. I've never done that.

Luckily my MIL was excellent at helping out with the laundry. I have so much laundry piled up now, I really fear keeping up with kiddo #3 to the point where I'm not sure if I can handle cloth diapering.

For my first, I purchased the Mother Ease diapers second hand which requires a separate cover. Again, not the easiest choice, but economical for me at the time. I used the same set of diapers for both kids. I'm not sure if they will last another kid though. I guess I'll find out soon - LOL!

If I knew I was having so many children, I would have splurged for one of those all in one diapers or something easier.

So even if you do splurge on something like an all-in-one, you may be able to recover your costs by selling it second hand. Just something to consider.

Of all the covers, I liked my wool ones the best. Again, pricey but easy to use, and you can get multiple uses out of it.

Hope that helps a bit. There were some old threads on this forum about cloth diapering. Search around.