I think curlyserf is right about doing a shampoo, with sulphates and no silicones in (preferably no mineral oil either). Also maybe a chelating shampoo ( with EDTA in,not sure what it is but it helps to remove mineral deposits), if you have hard water. If you weren't using shampoo before going CG, but you were using silicones, then you probably began cg with a big build up which has never been fully clarified. I know because I did no poo for a while years ago but didn't know about avoiding silicones, and it took more than one shampoo to get build up off. Without that build up your moisturising products and leave ins etc can do more to treat the hair.

Re root lift, are you diffusing upside down as that could help. As a subsitute for an anti frizz smoothing finisher, to smooth over canopy or put on ends after drying, I am trying Argan oil and it is good but start with a very very little, it is easy to put too much on which gets wierd!