I am going to wait and see how it plays out in court to make a judgment on whether he should be convicted or not. Regardless, I think that an arrest speaks volumes for the justice system, and not just this case.
Originally Posted by CurlyElectra
I don't know.. I still don't have good faith in the justice system just because of this case. I think this case is high profile, created a huge media frenzy, and this huge uproar about race and Angela Corey is about to make a name for herself from this.. so she went for the gusto. And the jury might just crucify this one lone "latino" dude.

If the justice system was doing what should have.. none of this would have even gotten this far.
So I'm not jumping up and down
Originally Posted by *Marah*

And I'm not buying that it takes this long to arrest someone. It's not like this was a hit and run where they needed to do a search and sh*t. They RELEASED him the day this all happened. So no Ms. Corey. I'm not buying what you're selling.
Originally Posted by CocoT
I believe it does take this long to make sure you can WIN a second degree murder case. Voice analysis, interviewing pathologist, emt personnel, getting the video enhanced to determine if any blood is on his clothing, etc. All of those things take time.

This woman does not like to lose.

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