Hi everyone! I am going back to curly hair after having it straightened for the past 3 years, and am totally lost on how to transition properly. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. Here's some detail and a couple pictures.

My curls have always been tough to deal with. Frizz has always been my nemesis and even though I did the same thing every day, my hair turned out differently every day. I decided I wanted Japanese hair straightening and had it done in March 2009. I loved it but grew tired of the constant upkeep and outrageous expense, and decided to transition back to curly. My last straightening treatment was a BKT in November 2010. (Did Japanese a few times then switched to BKT because I thought it would be easier to transition - it appears to have never worn off though. I have TONS of straight hair left.)

My hair is currently super curly until about my cheekbones, and then it goes into a nightmare straight limp mess. It's too short to do a big chop without looking like Carrot Top, so I am currently putting it in a bun every single day. I was straightening the curly part but between the blow dryer and the flat iron it was taking me nearly 2 hours to do it. Plus I am concerned about heat damage.

I don't remember what products I used to use, but I think it was mostly cheap drugstore stuff that I never loved. I'm looking for guidance on what I should be using on my hair to get the new curl growth in good condition. I have completely stopped using heat on my hair for the last couple weeks. Is it OK to be putting it in a bun every day? In general, I am only wetting and/or washing my hair every 4-5 days because it's such a pain to deal with and all I do is put it in a bun anyway. It's a fairly loose bun with tons of flyaway frizz (ugh). I am not using any product whatsoever on my hair; just shampooing and conditioning (and I have a feeling I should probably not be shampooing with regular shampoo, but am not sure what to be using).

The attached pictures were from my first Japanese straightening treatment. I washed and conditioned my hair the night before, left it wet with no product, and the curl/frizz is what resulted.

Anyway, sorry for the novel, and any guidance is appreciated!
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