My white coworker shared with another white coworker that blacks naturally have oily skin because we eat a lot of fried foods.

Yep. Okay.

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I remember one summer when all of my friends were genuinely surprised that I and another friend of ours from Bangladesh had tan other races can't tan because they aren't pale to start with. They were also surprised when we told them that we could get sunburned....

Like really....just because I'm already on the brown side doesn't mean I'm somehow magically resistant to the gigantic burning fireball that is the sun. If you put an already brown piece of toast back in the toaster for long'll turn black eventually and burn. Same thing.
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Yep...sometimes you have take it down to a basic concept, so it'll sink in.
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Haha, you are so right! That's my go to explanation because believe it or not, that situation has come up more than a couple of times.