HOLY SHKIT.. George Zimmerman has Mark O'Mara as his new lawyer. Dear goodness.. his parents are shelling out an effin GRIP for this guy. Mark O'Mara is a legal expert. Not to mention Mark O'Mara is very sharp..hmm. Damn how much money did Zimmerman raise in that PAYPAL account from his website.. sheesh.
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A lot...and you'd be surprised who "chipped in".
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Oh I am not surprised at all NEA...not surprised at all. I was just being tongue in cheek really.

I am listening to the news and all the law experts and analysts are saying that Angela Corey MUST have some new evidence that Wolfinger (the initial head of state attorney office that said there just wasn't enough evidence to get a conviction) just didn't have in order to get a conviction. Well known lawyer Mark Geragos is saying she'd HAVE to have more than what's been in the media to actually get a conviction especially since she went for 2nd degree murder very interesting.

If she's as sharp as she presented herself at that press conference..she'd have to know that.. so either she has big time new evidence or like I said she's doing this ish because of pressure and trying to make a name for herself. Cause she knows better. But all still remains to be seen.