I believe it does take this long to make sure you can WIN a second degree murder case. Voice analysis, interviewing pathologist, emt personnel, getting the video enhanced to determine if any blood is on his clothing, etc. All of those things take time.

This woman does not like to lose.
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I definitely think Angela Corey was up on her game but to me a lot of this bs is because it will reflect badly on her if it even looked like she was doing something that was underhanded and not following the law exactly and precisely. This case is ALL in the media and could ruin her. She's not stupid. I noticed in the press conference she made SURE she covered those bases well.. letting the public know in countless ways she and her team were doing this on the up and up and had been from the very moments she got involved. I'm telling you.. she's gonna make a name for herself with this...

Sure.. I think all that stuff she and her office had to do takes time but a lot of folks I've heard are ticked off at the fact that it got all messed up in the first place. Chris Serino, the lead investigator had recommended that Zimmerman be charged cause his story didn't add up to him. Norman Wolfinger, the head of the state attorney's office said there was not enough evidence to convict Zimmerman..so instructed that no charges be made. Then enter Angela Correy as a special prosecutor..because law enforcement had already effed up from jump.. so they knew they better do something else...fast. Appointing her was a very smart move.

Now I don't know what evidence Angela Correy has to make a conviction that Wolfinger didn't but I can't wait to see or hear this stuff.
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Norm Wolfinger does not like to admit his mistakes. Two men served twenty years in prison, under his tenure for crimes they did not commit. Both men have been exonerated by The Innocence Project. He still refuses to admit wrong in one of cases.

Article entitled: Why haven't trusted Norm Wolfinger long before Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman

Why I haven’t trusted Norm Wolfinger – long before Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman – Taking Names the Blog – Orlando Sentinel
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Yeah I know he's been shady..that's why I think they were smart to get Corey.. because they knew it was effed up from jump like I said and they didn't want any chance at any issue.