This sound gimmicky. Why not just remove all simple carbohydrates from your diet for 3 days? Or all carbs, period? Why do you need these particular vegetables in these quanities?

But yes, if you drasticaly reduce the amount of carb you consume, you will stop craving carbs.

I think if you want that to happen there are better eating plans/menus than this...bc this one still contains higher carb foods and won't be as effective in lessening the cravings as an eating plan/menu that is is lower in carbs.
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Not true...speaking as a hardcore sugar addict. A study was recently done that shows that when people eat sugar, the same areas in the brain that light up when addicts are given their drug of choice, light up when sugar junkies are given sugar. It's not just as simple as "just remove the carbs." Clearly, we know that's what we need to do, but it's the execution of the plan that's the problem.

I do agree that the diet is gimmicky and you're setting yourself up to fail, because if it were just that simple to live that way, wouldn't you have already done it? It does get somewhat easier with time when you cut sugars and simple carbs, but the desire for them is always there and can be triggered at a moment's notice out of nowhere. And, there are hidden sugars in so many foods. There are many complex carbs that become simple sugars because of they way the food they're contained within is cooked. It's a day-by-day battle, just like any other addiction, but is not taken as seriously because, well, it's just sugar, right? Try asking an alcoholic to drink just a little alcohol each day, but don't binge or go overboard, and make sure to sneak alcohol into their food or drink without telling them. This is the life of a sugar addict.

You can try to go Paleo or Caveman or Mediterranean, but it's a lot of work preparing foods and reading labels, and it's very expensive as well. It's a lifestyle change and a huge commitment.

I exercise regularly (including high-intensity intervals and weights 5-6 days/week) and follow a mix of Mediterranean and Paleo diets (most of the time) and I'm still battling my sugar addiction daily and am now noting the familiar feeling of a tight abdomen due to increased visceral fat storage again. I even stupidly take all the "belly flattening" supplements, like the omegas, D3, and CLA. At some point you (I) just have to accept your (my) body type and just live life.

Those of us who store fat around the middle and are middle-aged are fighting an 90˚ uphill battle against nature. Our genetics and hormones want that fat to be there, and those fat cells want to be fed once they've been emptied. Your body views weight loss as a threat to its survival and retaliates to protect itself.
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