I'm also going to bookstore that has meals for one so I can start planning on cooking quick meals just for myself. I think that's also part of my problem. I have always enjoyed cooking for people who enjoy eating. Usually my daughter would have one or two friends over at least a few times a week for dinner. For some reason simply cooking for me seems a chore... especially when I all my cookbooks serve 6 to 8 people.
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Exactly why I love one-pot meals that incorporate about 50% veggies and that I can freeze with calorie counts. If I need to cook once, I might as well have dinner today and another 7 dinners in my freezer for days when I'm lazy!

I tend to make soups, chilis, bean dishes, and burritos, but also rice and pasta bowls. I make much more frozen stuff for my daughter too. Why buy nuggets or meatballs when I can make them to our tastes and incorporate veggies?

Portion control, price, time management, and health built right in.