I am beginning to see why there was a mass exodus before...
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Ladies, this is NOTHING compared to how it was then. I wish I could bump up some of those old threads... like the one where one of my dear poster-friends talked about a bank teller being racist to her... and white posters defended the banks, got personally offended because they work in banks, called her a liar and hounded her and anyone who defended her.... or some of the post-Katrina threads, or the one where Blacks were called "lazy" and "welfare bums", or the one where a white male poster defended his use of the n-word...

I know it sounds like I'm holding grudges. I'm not, or I don't think I am, since I can't actually remember who posted what - it's just something to note and be aware of when moving on.
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Wow. I missed all this. Where was I? I don't hang out at OT much.

....and no, I don't think you're a grudge holder, nor do I disagree with you. I'm talking about much more benign stuff.
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You joined in '09 - this stuff happened before my first son was born and he was born in '07. Katrina was 2005, right? A lot of it was around there - 2005, 2006. Many of the women of colour formed our own board to accommodate all the refugees who were leaving here in protest - we did that in '06 I think. There were 2 other boards started along with ours.
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