Ladies, this is NOTHING compared to how it was then. I wish I could bump up some of those old threads... like the one where one of my dear poster-friends talked about a bank teller being racist to her... and white posters defended the banks, got personally offended because they work in banks, called her a liar and hounded her and anyone who defended her.... or some of the post-Katrina threads, or the one where Blacks were called "lazy" and "welfare bums", or the one where a white male poster defended his use of the n-word...

I know it sounds like I'm holding grudges. I'm not, or I don't think I am, since I can't actually remember who posted what - it's just something to note and be aware of when moving on.
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The bolded is how I feel. I want to know where I stand with people. On and offline. I don't like to be blindsided...If I know someone feels a certain way, I know to go into certain conversations with them with my guard up. I mean, I think we're having a light-hearted conversation and then BAM an -ism all in my face? lol No thank you ma'am. Let me know where you stand upfront.
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and i never get why ppl act like it's abnormal for someone to remember what a poster said in the past. it seems like having a good memory is only a bad thing on message boards. if you said or did something in the recent past that is in line w/ you current behavior, or has an effect on how i view and interact with you font now, i'm going to bring it up. idk why ppl like waving off things that they said/did like a few weeks ago like it happened several years ago and it's irrelevant.

and i don't buy for a minute that ppl just completely wipe the slate clean w/ every new interaction they have w/ ppl on the board. it's not possible and it doesn't make any sense to do so. if i think a poster tends to read too deeply into my posts/ takes my jokes seriously, i just don't direct those kinds of posts to them. or if i know a poster likes to debate even the most frivolous of subjects, i just wont engage them if i'm not in the mood. there are some topics that i don't even participate in b/c i already know which side most of you will fall on, and for some of you i can guess (correctly) exactly how you will respond to certain things and what you will say. i don't see how you can possibly interact w/ ppl w/o developing some kind of perception (not harboring a grudge, not making in depth analyses about their real lives) of them. i don't know why anyone would WANT to do that. and really, half the time, the ppl who claim this will at some point end up reaching back a few months for some quote that will prove their point against whoever their talking to.

i'm rambling now, so i'll stop.
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Yea you're right.

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