Glad you bumped this. Since going curly I've tried 2 different stylists but I am still looking. They weren't bad per se but just don't know enough about curly hair. Had to walk out with wet, frizzy poofy head. One of them actually loves curly hair and was interested in CG, products, dry cuts etc but said 99% of his clients want straight hair!

Hard to believe that in south Florida with so many people from the Caribbean, there are so few curly stylists.
3a/b, fine texture, low porosity, normal elasticity, mod-CG 7/11/11

Poo: KC Come Clean, SM Moisture Retention
CO: CJ Curl Rehab, CJ Argan & Olive Oil, Renpure Argan Oil, YTCucumbers, Sevi Pumpkin
Style: AIF, HESMU, Biolage gelee, KCCC
LOOB for second day hair

Like BS/ACV rinses, limit protein/humectants.