So, I just started CG about two weeks ago and so far I am really happy with the results. Today I decided to shower and airdry without any products at all to see the progress. Thus far I have classified myself as a 2c/3a but today I found random spirals and a lot of 3b and maybe even 3c curls. Is it possible my curl type could be changing? Here are some pics:

Is this normal, just a part of CG or is this uncommon. Please excuse my weird faces btw. And also, am I wrong about the curl type?

Thank you

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2c/3a mix. Low Porosity, Coarse, Mid-back length when curly, Mod CG, Loreal Eversleek: Sulfate/ Silicone free Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep conditioner (Weekly), Leave in Conditioner, Frizz Serum,
Garnier Frutcus Pure Clean: Gel and Frizz control.Live clean Exotic Necter Argan oil spray regularly.

I alternate use of products and use both Shampoo and Conditioner daily. Have been mod- CG for approx. 5 months. Straighten aprox once every 2 weeks. Thinking of going full CG.