Like @Amber said, I want to know where I stand with people. I can take a$$holes, ESPECIALLY over the damn internet, but there are people who act big and tough in "public," then cop out or break down in private. I can't get with that. If you want to throw down on the net (which honestly I don't see the point of), don't renege on it privately, or act like everything on the internet is trivial then be concerned with whether certain posters are upset with you. I cannot stand two faced people.
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I don't think I've ever PM'ed you nor you me. And if we have.. I know it wasn't to discuss the above..since that sort of thing irks me. I will say I certainly can respect your stance on the frontin' in the forum and then in private doing something else. That has occurred a few times with me and other posters. But I don't divulge info from private conversations.. I think that's incredibly disrespectful and a betrayal of someone's trust. It is something I find annoying though.

But since you want to know where you stand with folks.. I will say that I'm honestly not upset with you about your latest posts to me or what definitely came across to me as your snark. I think that's just you.. you are snarky. I know you say it's "blunt" but eh..I'm pretty blunt nothing you say ever needed to be sugar coated for me and honestly I think you know better than that. If you don't..well now you do.

And I know I'm not the only person that thinks it but so what.. ? Plenty of people think things about me that I've read on here and been told in private. So what. I think you and I have incredibly different experiences in life (except for some racism we've discussed), different value systems, and different approaches to things. But I think my experiences are probably different than most here. I don't think that make either of us better than the other..just different. I have enjoyed different interactions with you on this forum..others with you.. not so much. But the enjoyments has outweighed the not so much ones. Having said that.. I don't think you understand me as well as you think you do.. there is only one person on this forum that I really think fully understands me and she doesn't involve herself in these sorts of things. But she and I come from similiar backgrounds so it's to be expected.

But I'm fine with you..sure I have my perceptions of you but I don't hold any grudge, ill will, or distain for you. If you do me.. I can certainly live with that..but I'd prefer you didn't.