idk if you're just speaking generally (i know it's not about me lol), but i haven't really seen that around here. usually when i see ppl bring up something from the past, i assume it's b/c they just happened to remember it and applied it to the current situation (like me). that's partly why i've been holding my mule so much around her; b/c sometimes i see ppl directly contradict something theyve said in the past (whether it be something they said publicly or in my inbox), and i really don't feel like being accused of being some grudgful petty chick just b/c i happen to have a good memory. so i just sit here w/ my mule and watch all the f*ckery.
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I have seen it several times around here.. not neccessarily in this section as much in others but it's definitely a normative with a few constants here too. But of course it's about perception. People see what they want to see and judge people how they want regardless of what the real deal is...

I do understand "the hole my mule" concept..I think in a lot of cases it's the appropriate thing to do.

Frankly, I don't think there is enough open dialogue when there is an issue. Everybody wants everyone else to just STFU unless they in the Amen corner big upping what they say. I guess it's just not something I relate to very well. If I have a problem with something someone said.. I just say it and my ultimate desire is to hash it out so that we can be civil and not hostile to eachother.

But I notice it's difficult to do that here because a lot of people do hold grudges and have to throw constant snark at that person and then play dumb when confronted. Knowing damn well they are on swoll because they dropped the ball and punked out in the first place when they should have said something when the mess was going on but they stood by watched it ain't do shkit and now they mad. Then all late and wrong they wanna come balls to the wall cause they done built up some strength or decided "they just ain't holding their mule no more".. and I feel like.. no I can't get with that sort of dumb stuff. Sit your punk ass down some where..shoulda handled that shkit like grown folk long time ago.
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i dun get why you alwys talkin down to people. i think you just bitter cus people dont like you. i saw that thread where ppl were sayin how they was happy you was gone. i think thats why you mad and always mean to people
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Look..speak to me about some stuff when you aren't hiding behind some handle you use for saying provocative stuff just to get a rise. I talk how I talk..if folks don't like it there is the ignore feature. I'm not mad or always mean to people. I just don't go for bs..that's all. I say what the hell I mean and I mean what the hell I say. Period. I rarely hold any