I do forget a lot of the disagreements I have with other members. Just because I have an isht memory lol. The main ways I'll remember that we were once on opposite sides of the fence is if we usually agree (cuz it probably surprised me that we were disagreeing) OR if you let your stank attitude from a discussion in Ye Olden Times color every single discussion we have from then til now (cuz those folks just won't let you forget. sheesh).

Anyone else I remember must have been one of the isms that Saria mentioned earlier (racist, sexist, homophobic). Those things stick with me.
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I don't remember every single debate/e-argument I got into here--- but I will remember if you got disrespectful/condescending/kept on antagonizing.

I also recognize that we are humans and sometimes we say something off the cuff that may not necessarily reflect us in general. I know I am in a bad mood sometimes and I refrain from typing because I know I will sound like a grade A c*nt. With that being said, some people know EXACTLY what they are saying or doing when they start some ish up. And while I may give you a pass the first time or two, I will still keep in mind that you like to start sh*t.

I think the bigger issue for me here is that there is no consistency on who and what gets called out by moderators. I just think that a lot of the "scolding" is geared towards certain folks and I can't get down with that.
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Cheveux you confused the heck out of me for about 15 seconds. This is just like those people on Fb who like their own dang posts

I haven't heard anyone say beadybeads since like 8th grade. Memories.