Addressing your post by the bolded:

Bolded #1: I never referred to you pm'ing me or vice versa. My OP about the matter referred to people PM'ing any poster about being offended or hurt about something they said on the board.
Originally Posted by CurlyElectra I wasn't saying you did refer to me specifically. I was just commenting. I didn't say you said me at all nor did I think it cause no reason for me to because we haven't had those conversations.

Bolded #2: I think you (and some others) read my posts as snarky when there is no snark intended. And that's not all the time either - sometimes yes, I'm snarky, yup. But last night? Nope, no snark there. If you take it another way, there's nothing I can do for you. There have been times on this board where I have played things out in my head as playful, but isn't taken like that because I'm not a "vet" and people don't "know" me, and I've also seen people say things that I know would get REAMED if a "newbie" said it. For a fact. That's the nature of the boards (not just this board, any online forum). I get that. Oh well.
I have to be honest and say I really thought that you were being snarky last night because of your admitted snark from past times. I wasn't sure why you were being like that..but if say you weren't last night your word is good enough for me. But to me you are a "vet" around here and it's one of the reasons I sort of just at some things you've posted and not commented. But you said you weren't being snarky last night. So that issue is over to me.

Bolded #3: This is pure childishness. If other people think that about me, that's cool, but don't reference private cosigners in your posts. I've never done that to you and I could say the same. Be a woman and stand by your own opinion.
I don't find it childish. It was just a reference to generally how people perceive things. I always stand by what I say. I feel the coin has two sides.. we both can be women and stand by our own opinions but I do see you've taken that out of context. Not much I can do about it now. But it wasn't mean to offend or be childish.

Bolded #4: I understand you, and this board, better than a majority of you think I do. And I'll leave that at that.
I doubt it. We don't know eachother and you haven't spoken to me seriously about me or my life. So you couldn't possibly understand me that well. But I do think you comprehend certain posts I make..sure. So if you want to leave it that okay. Now I will say I definitely think you have a good working knowledge of this board..because to me you've proved that time and time again. So no qualms on that at all.

Bolded #5: I have certain perceptions of you as well, and at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. Like you said, we are only on the internet. I would never wish you or your family ill will without even ever speaking to you over the phone or you doing me some massive, great wrong. That's some ****ty ****, I don't roll like that.
Totally respect this last one and agree 100%. Even if I spoke to you on the phone or met you.. I still wouldn't wish you or your family ill will. I'm actually pretty scared to do that to people because I adore my family and I wouldn't want anyone to experience hurt or ill to their family or personally because I know how much I love mine. Wishing that on people is just beyond my scope of what's moral. But that's me..that's not me trying to pass judgment on anyone else's moral compass.

Anyway..I appreciate you "hashing" this out as I like to call it. Take care.

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