Look..speak to me about some stuff when you aren't hiding behind some handle you use for saying provocative stuff just to get a rise. I talk how I talk..if folks don't like it there is the ignore feature. I'm not mad or always mean to people. I just don't go for bs..that's all. I say what the hell I mean and I mean what the hell I say. Period. I rarely hold any mules..so.
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i dun have no dam handle. this me and i been here. dats why i dun post alot cus yall like to call people trolls and stuff.

am jus sayin that peopl dun like you cus you always arguin wit people. and when you was gone people made a whole thread just to say they ain like you. some maybe somethins wrong wit you
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Um..okay. If they did.. so what. That's their perogative. These folks don't know me.. okay so they made a thread and said they didn't like me and they think something is wrong with me.. big deal. What real difference does it make ? None. Not to me anyway.

But I think it's serious bs that you aren't using this fake handle to be provocative. You are speaking like you are from the 1800's and never fully learned how to read and write properly. So it's difficult to believe this is how you normally speak/type/post in 2012..you are clearly trying to disguise your posting style. You are using a handle to say something you aren't woman enough to say with your regular handle. And it just goes to prove the point I've been making around here about sneaky underhanded bs.

So I thank you for proving me correct.
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you just dun want to look at yourself and see why people dun like you.you talking about how im from the 1800 but you always act like a old lady. your borin and lame and dats why you come to the internet to be mean to people. ibeen here since last year so dun kno wat you talkin about. i just told you i dun have no handle.
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