Hi Naturally curlies...I am new to everything, the natural look (I don't even know my curl type) trying to figure that one out if someone out there can help please do. I have just started my naturally curly look about 1month ago, I did try to go natural it was like my destiny. My hair always could go awhile without a perm and I had cut my hair back in Sept 2011, and it was permed and short and sassy (Halle Berry style) spiky on top and tapered on the sides and very short in the back nearly shaved. I went through a very hard rest of the year in 2011 and was very sick and depressed and stressed. So my hair was the last thing on my mind, I did nothing to it really and thank goodness it was short because I had bed-head most of the time. I recently decided to seperate from my husband together 23yrs..and we just couldn't make it and I realized since I moved away that I lost so much of myself and a lot of my unhappiness was because of that relationship. So, what does this have to do with my hair journey?? Well, I looked at myself in the mirror and really for the first time in many years..I saw myself and I really didn't like the reflection looking back at me..I looked tired and worn out. I noticed the back of my hair had grown out into a little afro and I always would just take the scissor and cut that off and continue to let my hair grow..but this time I looked and saw the true texture of my hair..and I said to myself "Re-create Yourself" and at the point I just let it grow..then I tried to wear it in a style by flat ironing and that didn't work the style was not me...I just couldn't work it..so after of months of no perm...i noticed that about a inch of my new growth was curly but I had very straight tips or ends.. Then I went on youtube and it started coming together for me I was looking about natural curly hair..I actually was just looking at hairstyles..then I came across a youtuber Taren916 I believe , she was so beautiful and I just was captivated by her videos and I watched her natural hair journey and the words "Biig Chop" came scrolling across the screen..I was sold...the next day I took the scissors and I "Big Chopped" all the straight ends and before I knew it ...I looked in the mirror and saw a new me...with curls!!!! all over and I couldn't believe this was my natural texture..I have known I had decent hair but curly like it is ..no way. I use to have very very very very very long hair when I was younger I actually sat on it ..and I was known as the girl "with the long hair" and I hated it..because back when I was young I was teased for having long hair and no one seem to like me because of it..I didn't understand the word "jealousy" and it made me angry when my mother would say that to comfort me when I came home upset because the girls wouldn't play with me or called me "pocohontas" and back then I didn't take it as flattery because it seem like it was bad...(kids can be so cruel) anyway long story short I started to hate my hair and as soon as I was old enough to convince my mother to get a perm I did and then thats when the cutting inch by inch came until I looked like everyone else. So, in saying all that I never embraced my hair or the texture of it ..so seeing it natural was truly like a new birth for me. My mother looks at me and said, "thats the hair you were born with" she says that when gave birth to me I a head full of big curly hair..so this was no surprise to her when she saw it ...so now I am on this rebirth and growth and I feel so blessed to have been lead to the many youtubers wjhich lead me to this site and now I hope to meet new people who can help me on this journey. Sorry this post was so long..I just couldn't stop. Please feel free to share with me anything that would be good for my hair..I really don't know. Much love to all.