Well, my dating pool has been narrowed to one. Ive been seeing one guy for about 6 weeks and started dating another about 3 weeks ago. The first guy (guy#1), I like. The second (guy #2) I was on the fence about. He was very metro, more metro than any guy I've come accross, really into clothes and shoes but smart, good looking and good career.

So last Friday we go out, he revealed some things about his personality that made me think we wouldn't get along. After that, i thought i'd never hear from him again because the vibe got weird and after 3 dates, he never even tried to kiss me. The next night I went out with guy#1 and we're out having a ball and i look up and there's guy#2 staring right at me from a table he was at with friends in the same damned bar!!! I was mortified!!!!! Anyway, I guess he was offended because after some small talk va text that i initiated, I havent heard from him since Sunday.

So, that leaves guy#1. I'll take some time now to really see if this is someone I can build something with.
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Wow. That sounds like something that would happen to me. But at least you were with the guy you really liked and not the other way around.

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