So diaspora and envgirl -- I am not being too prudish? (I know diaspora and I are around the same age...)

And the thing was, he was saying all the right things during the phone call and I was starting to feel like maybe we were on the same page. Maybe he really was a good guy.

I just like to take the physical stuff slowly w/ guys I meet online...bc I simply don't know them at all and haven't been around them enough to have allowed any chemistry to develop "organically."

I am not the type to have sex on the first date...or anything remotely like that. I haven't even kissed anyone I met online for at least 3 dates.

I am not some horny kid. I'm a mature, professional woman who is a single mother, looking for a stable, meaningful long-term relationship. I don't understand why he would start out on that foot...and w/ someone like me, especially, as I give no indication that I am looking for casual sex or dic pics or what have you...

I'm very disappointed bc sending a pic like that seemed out of character for this guy (based on the little I was learning of his character), and it didn't help his case.

He had been lamenting his lack of success thus far on the site...complaining that his interactions w/ the women he's met aways seem to fizzle out quickly. Hmmmm, could this be why?

Do you think it's worth discussing w/ him?