I've always assumed I had "bone straight hair". My hair is flat, lifeless and yet still frizzy due to past color damage. But I realize that before I colored my hair (when I was a teenager, about 10 years ago) it was starting to get more in the "wavy" area, especially when long. In addition, my mom's hair has wound up wavy-curly and she said that she originally thought mine was like hers, before it went straight after all the chemicals.

I've noticed I seem to have the same needs as curly haired girls- my hair hates silicones (makes it flat, too straight and unmanageable), loves oils (when rinsed out, especially rosemary!) and reacts better to moisture than protein. I once saw a hairdresser who said my hair was only straight because it was damaged. In addition, since I've stopped dying it 8 weeks ago, I've noticed more waves, although most people would still call it straight.

Basically, I want to know if I should be using curly hair products. I never had CURLY hair, but I feel like 'cones and other things that straight haired girls tend to use just don't work on me. I was thinking of Devacare? Jessicurl? Any other ideas? My hair is fine, so I don't want anything to weigh it down TOO much, but it needs a lot of moisture.