Hi everyone! I was browsing the interwebs and didn't know there was a site like this! Curly haired ppl unite I also didn't realize my hair had a specific "type" either, that's pretty nifty! I think my hair is a 3A
So anyways, I've been contemplating cutting my hair really short. Last time I had it short short I was like 8 years old, and I looked like little orphan Annie haha (yes, I am a ginger with red hair). I cut my hair last August pretty short, but I've always thought pixie cuts were super cute :3 Now if only I could pull it off.. >.> any advice?

I can post more pics, but here's a fairly recent pic of me posing a portrait my mom's friend painted of me when I was a little kid:
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Check out pictures of pixies on celebs, like Michelle Williams and see if you like any of those styles.

I stumbled upon this this blogger and I think she's gorgeous with her short hair. I love the color of her hair, and maybe her pics will inspire you too:
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