Yeah, I normally have met dates in a public place in the past...Typically, I have picked the location.

This guy is trying to insist we meet at a restaurant he frequents that happens to be moments away from my job. He doesn't know this at this point because I do not want him to know where I work. In fact I dislike being in that general area during none work hours because I hate running into coworkers during my personal time.

How do I steer him away without being rude or revealing where I work?

The fact is, I don't like to do long meals on a first date because you may have to spend 1-2 painful hours with someone who is a no go...I was thinking more along the lines of coffee so I can bolt if things don't work out, lol. Wanted to use this as sort of a practice date...
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He's insisting??

If he were just enthusuiastic about his fav spot, I'd go and let him try to wow me in an environment where he feels comfortable.

But I would be put off if he were trying to pressure me into something and didn't even bother to ask if I had another place in mind.

I was actually in a similar situation once when I had just recently met two guys and Guy 1 was very excited about taking me to a certain place he just discovered...but I didn't want to go there bc Guy 2 was playing there with his band that night, and I didn't want Guy 2 to see me out with Guy 1. So I just made a joke and told Guy 1 I couldn't go there...a long story I would tell him if he ever became my boyfriend! LOL

And he was fine w/ that and we chose another place.

(At this point in the relationship, you don't owe this guy any explanations about where you work, why you don't want to go somewhere, etc., if you just don't want to tell him. And he should want to put you at ease...not stress you.)