what would happen if i straightened it after say 1 month or 2 would it go back to it's normal self or would it be the same as when i had been doing the CG? i love straightening my hair but i cant stand it when my hair is curly because it's so bad which is why i'm going to try CG please help ! <3

p.s my natural hair was the one in the photo when i was little, i don't have any other pictures of my hair really
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Honestly it would probably be fine... You are not marrying the CG method!

I straighten my hair sometimes, but the longer I go without, the better it looks wavy so I feel like I have less reason to straighten it. But you can still use plenty of CG tips even if you straighten it (t-shirt instead of towel, silicone-free, sulfate-free, comb in the shower, etc.)