Yeah, I've never bought underwear from a place that allowed you to take it with you into the fitting rooms. Well, bras yes, but definitely not panties.

A lot of posters (or maybe most) said they wash new clothes before wearing them because people try them on. I guess I live dangerously, because I really don't think about that. I'm sure people try on my clothes, but the thought just really doesn't bother me. New clothes fit wonderfully and look great. Plus I am really impatient about wearing them, so no way I'm ever going to wait until after washing them.
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What about bedbugs and other mites that may be living or crawling on the clothes...

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I thought regular washing machines don't get rid of those anyway?
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Washing them still gives me peace of mind I dont consider myself to be a germophobe but I do have high standards when it comes to sharing and caring. If I don't know where your mouth has been, you aren't sipping off my straw. If you only bathe every other Thursday, you cannot borrow my bikini bottoms. Just sayin.

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I just want to do what I want to do when I want to do it.