What I do is when my hair is dry (air dry or with hair dryer) I brush it so it gets puffy and then use a curling iron. It gets big curls and looks natural.
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Well, I think she's searching for a more natural way of loosening her curl. (Natural as in heat free.) I agree with you on the brushing thing though, even though it causes major frizz, it does loosen your curl pattern. And if you do know of a way to make it go away without wetting your hair (wetting or dampening it will make it go back to it's original curl pattern) than more power to you!

I suggest using second day hair tips (other than spraying with water) to "touch up" on the frizz created by the brush. (I know, you probably think that all brushes are evil.) I know you're probably scared of taking a brush to your curls, but it's not going to make crazy unmanageable poof, unless you don't use a frizz fighting product on dry hair. Good luck!
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