I thought I would add my two cents to this thread. I met my second and wonderful husband on line. He was living in Toronto, and I live in the Midwest. First, I think too many people want to find someone who is close enough to meet at the nearest Starbucks. Once we get out of college, there is not the large pool of eligible others. Second, people are on line for many reasons, including quick sex (the hookup) and entertainment. I think it is perfectly acceptable for a woman in her 30's or older to ask a man "What kind of relationship are you looking for?" Because, ya know what? if he balks at that question, he probably has issues with intimacy. After all, we are adults, and people who are on dating sites and are serious about finding a partner will be able to answer that question. Finally, I dont think "interests" in common should be the primary focus, as so many of the sites lead us to believe. So what if two people love art? what is really important is that you share the same values, and that you take the time to get to know one another. And yes, a lot of people are married, or are inappropriate in some other way.