I thought the Cheris Hibiscus was my favorite, but now it's absolutely Honey & Oats for me. I actually forgot I had this one, it fell behind my drawer and I happened to come across it when I was clearing failed products out my stash.

This bar got my hair squeaky clean (literally) which scared me at first but once I soaked most of the water out of my hair it felt wonderful! It was super soft, not mushy, and my hair just look great. My scalp was extra clean and I didn't have to go back over it again which is a plus for me. I get build up on my scalp so easily and I usually have to go over just my scalp 3 to 4 times to get the little bit of build up off. Shampoo bars should have been an obvious choice for me anyway since it's rubbing directly on the scalp.

The lather with this bar was the creamiest of the ones I've used so far (cheris, goat's milk, & honey hemp) and the quickest to lather. I have to get some in the large size now.