I did insanity and i lost a whole dress size! I was soooo excited because i was in a friends wedding! I had purchased my dress a 2 sizes smaller because i was halfway in between a size 18 and 17 because of my bust, i refused to almost get stuck in a size 20 merely because of my breast size and so did insanity and lost a whole dress size doing it (i would have lost more if i had eaten correctly the ENTIRE time, but i had starbucks and i ate steak and all sorts of other crazy things)

My suggestion to anyone that does this amazing workout is to STICK WITH IT! and stick with good eating habits because of cours with any diet you start and stick with you must understand that it's a life style change not really a diet!

You must change your life style for the better to see good results! In the food guide that is offered up in the front lists Micah's table, if you can stay on the pious diet (which is sooo hard, or it was for me because i like steak and all the stuff that i shouldn't!) you have a perfect diet!

Good luck to you all! I may try asylum in the very near future! It's insanity rev'd up and packed into 30 days!