Yup! After I use my LI (L'Oreal Humidity Defying Leave-In; it's wonderful) mixed with some argan oil, I've always only used one product. I use TIGI Control Freak, and dear lord is that product amazing. Smells phenomenal and my hair is so soft and frizz free. My hair loves it.
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Is this the leave in you are talking about?
How much of the LI and TIGI do you use?
Do you mean TIGI control freak serum?
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I use a fair amount of product because I have very long, very thick hair. With the LI, I use probably five or six quarter-sized pumps. Same with TIGI, maybe a little more, more like seven or eight. My hair loves that stuff! And yeah, I mean the serum... the one that is like, green and sparkly lol. Surprisingly, it is CG!
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Thanks! I'm thinking I may purchase those two products for my DD.