I'm sure i really want to get into this, but....

- Wile was posting and liking posts, including those in your original thread

- I am in no way trying to negate your opinion or comment. It just strike me as odd that from the "rude" post in one thread, her sincerity was questioned about the stand she took. But again, my "knowledge" of those involved and their interaction is different.
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I can tell you I was there through most of that thread and I did not see Wile there once. I looked through several pages of it again right now and did not see anything from her. Anyone can go in and like something later, but I didn't see likes either. I admitted I came down too harshly on Redcatwaves because I thought Wile had been punished, and didn't get why she suddenly came into that thread out of nowhere to post to her like that. If you want to believe I'm lying about it for some reason (?), that's your choice.

What do you think, I'm really Wile coyote's bestie and maybe I created the Trayvon thread because I knew people would start drama about someone's siggy and Wile would not get banned and come out the good guy? You got it - figured me all out! Have you, any of you, even read my posts like at all or am I just some random poster that doesn't mean )(*& because I don't have a "history" here? That's what I feel like.

Also, it wasn't just the "one comment" that I picked up on that from - there is obviously negative energy with this wile girl and past relationships gone bad that I'm guessing goes way beyond that thread. I'm not saying Redcatwaves is a racist or anything so I don't know why you're so quick to roast me to kiss her behind, but whateva. I'm keeping it civil, not getting into trouble so play your games on yourselves...
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Blackbangogirl, I am not trying to jump on your case, be disrespectful, or come down on you because you are new..but I think you took the post made by scrills incorrectly. In my personal opinion she's probably one of the most respectful and most gentle posters on this board. And her reputation speaks volumes at least about her online character..so I seriously doubt she means to convey any mean spiritedness or game playing at all.

I do apologize Scrills if I am speaking out of turn about you. But I had to say something. I agree with Ninja Dog on one thing..and that's you. I don't know you in real life like she does.. but from your NC demeanor you seem like a wonderful person and I've never had anything besides the most respect for your character on the forum.
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Thanks Marah, much appreciated.

yeah, I'm really not trying to start anything. and I went back and checked, and in at least in the first 5 pages (that's all i checked), there are enough "likes" from Wile to indicate she was reading and active. I remembered because Wile was present but silent in both that thread and the original thread.

Again, I am trying to respectful as possible and I don't believe I made any assumptions about your intentions.

I like some other posters, was just a little shocked that Wile was still posting as normal and other posters were being reprimanded.