I must not let wanting Radu to review all the things distract me from watching them. Buffy time!

Previously on Buffy, it's a blast from the past: Faith. Not only reminding us that she exists, but showing her saying her name, Giles calling her a rogue Slayer, her staking a dude and Buffy stabbing her - it's a very efficient recap. Run, potential, run! How convenient for a pastor in a truck to be -- Rick Castle, dude, what's up?! It's Nathan Fillion! And he's an evil slutshaming dickface. Was not expecting that. Oh god, there's no inside car door handle. He seems to know the bringers, does he follow them around grabbing potentials to torture and he's branding her neck with his ring WTF. DUDE IF YOU STAB HER SHE MIGHT DIE BEFORE DELIVERING YOUR MESSAGE AND I DOUBT YOU'RE SO TIGHT WITH THE FIRST THAT YOU GET TO USE THE GHOSTIES. Also, WHAT THE FCUK. Eliza, do you have a cold or something? Your voice sounds pretty raspy. Heh, Spike, you totally are like Angel with the soul-having now. Bwahaha! "Angel's dull as a table lamp...and we have very different coloring." Blondie, we've already had a Faith recap without any fail attached, so we really don't need this right now. Hahaha!! "There is a girl in the backyard doing gymnastics." CHAO-AHN FOR PRESIDENT. She even makes Blondie's nod of faux-wisdom better. I'm glad it's somehow not awkward between Buffy and Robin now. Oh, Buffy, let the job go, you weren't very good at it anyway. Faith, I know you're having a moment, but go outside to smoke that! You're gonna stink up the whole house if you light up in the basement.

Ohhh, that's when she met Spike before, right! The body swap episode! I bet Buffy would be just as put off to know they've been chatting about sex, including the time Faith said violently sexual things to him while wearing her body, as she clearly is to see them sitting together on his bed smoking cigarettes. Hm, what do you have of Buffy's, Caleb? Also, seeing as you've been thoroughly disturbing thus far, can I call you Creepy Caleb? You can answer later in the form of your next bit of down-home Southern villainy. So your response is to wander down Murderous Memory Lane killing First-versions of your old kills. My, but the First is being indulgent with you - it doesn't seem all that powerful if it has to keep currying favor with psychologically unstable humans just to try to get some potentials dead. I like that "She even screamed on key" line. On a related note, I think Creepy Caleb would be a gross understatement. Oh Buffy. Giles's behavior last episode deserves more in response than that mild "Help the girls who still need a teacher" burn, but Giles as a character who was thoroughly out of himself last episode so did not deserve that twist of the knife. Are you walking the middle ground out of meta-awareness of all this? Hee, the Fuffy shippers must've loved Faith's answer to you asking her why she's here: "Willow said you needed me; didn't give it much thought."

So many attempts to make me like Blondie, like him tearing up at Xander's speech about Buffy. They're all things that would be endearing in another character, I can see that, but they're inseparable from him as a whole and he sucks. Just like when Willow tried and failed to be evil back when her characterization was all about being sweet as cherry pie, the signal is screaming - or as Buffy puts it, "lots and lots of yelling." I like that. It's far easier and more practical to have clear signs of trouble be the signal than to have to think of something obscure and random to shout between blows if things go pear-shaped. Awww, it really was just a trap and Caleb didn't even have a stapler like Giles suggested. That would've been funny. Whoa, holy crap, Caleb just slapped Buffy across the room. What are you, preachy man?! Oh no, we're losing potentials. Bye, Tru from that Disney TV movie! Also, others I'll have to see missing later, because I really can't tell if, say, that noise was Amanda getting punched in the stomach or stabbed. OH MY GOD CALEB JUST GOUGED XANDER'S EYE OUT. HE STUCK HIS THUMB IN HIS EYE AND THERE WAS BLOOD AND SCREAMING OH MY GOD OH MY GOD.

Xander's eye is no longer in his head. It is squished and gone. I suppose hanging with the Slayer was all fun and games until SOMEONE PUT HIS EYE OUT BLOODY HELL. What a note to end on. Buffy really was wrong to choose now as the time to test the Slayerettes in battle, but she couldn't have known that, and Xander is a cyclops. No matter how many times I say it, it stays just as wrong.

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