Hi NorahBugg,

Totally with you on this one. I don't get what some people's problem is!? And yep... men can be funny about it. Maybe they're insecure in themselves? Although some like it because they see it as daring and respect girls for going for it. And they realise it can actually highlight a pretty face! Having had quite long hair for about three years I really want to try short. A couple of friends were open minded about me having something other than long hair when I mentioned it. But a lot of people just seem confused if you say, as a female, that you actually WANT short hair. And they also don't seem to consider it's good for improving condition. I also think there is some bad advice out there at the mo with all these split end 'repair' products. I spent a long time pretending my spilt ends would go away and then realised I just had to cut them off. No one even noticed... lol

Personally, I think girls should try short at least once in life and guys should try long ('guy long') It's a bit of fun if nothing else and if you don't like it, a few months to a year and it's back (or if you're a guy just a trip to the barbers.)

About a year ago I was so annoyed with my hair I was considering buzzing it super short. The friends I mentioned even said I could pull that off and respected it was my decision too (not society's!) I have since found a routine that works for my hair and it's (we've) calmed down. But considering an extreme cut made me think... a bob ish length didn't seem such a big deal in comparision! The whacky side of me wanted to get an Emeli Sande/Rihanna inspired cut. Now I have settled on a bob that's shorter at back and has more length towards front. Just a case of plucking up courage and finally letting go of that last little bit of caring too much about what others think...! I know if I don't do it, I'll regret it.

To whirlyhair, your hair is lovely. Beautiful long but I imagine a bob length would look good too.

To demmeeule, I think you're right when you say people (mostly men...?) want to try and control how women look. I feel very strongly about this. Some are slim, some are curvier, some have long hair, some short - get OVER it. At the end of the day what's inside is the most important thing! But we may aswell have fun with our hair, right? Glad you're growing your hair for you and not for anyone else.

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