I'm curious, have you had any luck? I know it's tough and I hope you have. I've been smoking for quite some time and have previously quit, twice I am getting ready to do it again. Welbutrin does nothing for me, as far as reducing the urge to smoke, but I have started it again anyway. It takes and keeps weight off of me which is great because I tend to put 20 or more pounds on when I quit. Then my blood pressure goes up, etc... I tried chantix and loved it, the first week. By day 2 I was down to 4 cig's a day. No problem! I was so happy until I increased the dose, as prescribed. I literally had upwards of 30 dreams in 10 minutes when I tried to sleep. It kept me in a constant state of REM/rapid fire. It also gave me horrible stomach cramps. That's just FYI's. If you have not quit do not let that discourage you from trying. I know people who had success with both. I'm trying patches again. I had the longest, most successful run after using those. They say the more you try to quit, the higher chances are to remain that way so I hope the third time will be the charm. I can't afford the pending increased insurance rates, and decreased coverage if I don't.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??