I have been using my my home made flax seed gel and eco styler ( olive oil one) for a few year and have had great results every day. I don't like to mess with my gels because I have this working for me and I am afraid to mess up how nice my curls look. Before I used this combo I was trying all different stuff and some dried my hair out, while others left me frizzy. I just figure why bother messing with stuff when I have something that works for me.
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Do you mix FSG and the ecostyler?
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More like layer it. when I co wash my hair I put the FSG on in the shower with my hair dripping wet. after I get out I take a wide tooth comb and part my hair how I want it then I wait a few minutes and add the eco styler gel, plop my hair and about half an hour to an hour I let it down and go about my day ( my hair is thick so its still damp a bit). My hair is normally not crunchy, but if it is then I scrunch it out at this point. I get lots of friends and family that comment and touch my curls, I am told that its soft and they are surprised by that, the hold I have you would think it would be stiff hair! I also get 3 day hair this way, some mornings I do have to spritz it with the water bottle.
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My curls looks like the 3a pictures
Hair length is to my bra strap, it's fine textured, but the density is thick, not much elasticity, Naturally Blonde but Color treated because of graying going on

My hair loves
coconut oil
Homemade FSG
Hair one for my co wash
Ecostyler olive oil

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