I have lost no weight so far, ....well I haven't actually weighed myself because I'm scared too. LOL. But I haven't noticed any noticeable changes.

This week is week 7 of couch to 5k, I'm running 25 minutes straight tuesday, thursday and saturday, I think.....

I ran 25 last saturday. It was awfully slow. It was like 30 minutes for two miles, I want 12 minutes for each mile, which I think I can do 12 minutes for one mile but the next one is gonna be like 17 minutes lMAO.

Ugh. my calves are really really tight when I run and it's painful which is why I go so slow. I can't get them to not be tight.

I don't stretch before I run because I'm scared it will cause me to run bad.....does anyone stretch before hand? I guess I can give it a try tuesday, but I get very superstitious when I start exercising....

I'm eating healthy....well I mean I occasionally slip but the fact that I've incorporated exercise from no exercise since 2010 is like a big improvement, there should be some change. damn.

I'm trying to get an 8 minute mile by october. Which is totally doable but I'm impatient, I need improvements now.

I'm doing a 5k in like 6 weeks so hopefully I will be able to run it in less than 35 minutes ( I better or I'm slapping myself)