Grrr. I sometimes get a bit annoyed by friends. I love them to bits, but so many times when we manage to meet up in London, no one wants to make any plans and we end up in and out of coffee shops just wondering randomly around for 7 hours which I hate.

It costs quite a bit to get into London I really wish they'd just make some plans. I want to do something.

Sat down and made a list of museums/exhibitions that looked good and weren't too expensive and can I get a straight answer out of one of them? No.

'Errrrm I don't really mind'. 'I'll look later'. No one can agree.

It bugs the crap out of me. We are meeting tomorrow and no ones interested in having any sort of idea what to do and I'm not interested in just meandering around. I dislike london crowds as it is. And I've had enough days in London like that to last a lifetime.

Am I crazy to feel this way!?!