Fifi, does your BFF wear a tinfoil hat too?

randomness of the day:

a) do NOT volunteer for the judges' conference day next year - send someone else! yes, they are sweet, but it was totally boring for me!

b) i hope it wasn't wrong to give my boss a hug when he came back to work after being off for 2 and a half weeks with some mysterious virus. he is a very nice man; i know i've mentioned elsewhere in this thread how much i LOVE my new job and he's a big reason. plus, it's very boring for me without him there because i am his personal assistant and very few other people can give me stuff to do.

c) since i have over 6 weeks of vacation time to use up, i think i will take a day off here and there every time my boss is on vacation or away. it's the only way i can see using my time and i have to use 18.5 days before the end of the year. plus i've already built up some overtime...

d) does anyone know anything about routers? my tablet stayed connected to the net all day at the conference and it stayed connected when i was on the train coming home last week, but it won't stay connected at home. i must admit that my home router is 6 years old, so it could be an incompatibility thing.... but i was wondering if i need a certain setting for the router. TIA!!!
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