So I went and got my second cut w/ a Deva trained stylist. The first was back in Nov and I really liked it. Since I'm going away Wed, I really wanted to try and get a cut before leaving. When I called this past Tues, I was told that the guy who did it last time was on vacation. So I asked for the girl who was Deva trained & she was booked. Then I decided to try back Fri thinking there'd be cancellations & yep, got an appt for color & cut. She did a great job! The funniest thing was that she dried my hair with the blowdryer (no diffuser) on low & using her hands! No frizz! She claims it's better than the diffuser if you touch it properly (which I'm sure I won't do). Anyway, the cut was what I asked for, she did not cut off the length aside from what was necessary. Also, they used Low-poo on me, which I had never tried. They wanted to use it to get rid of the color buildup I guess. I liked it & might buy a small bottle & use it every so often to ensure I get out the A cone from the One C.

Anyway, glad I got it done - highly recommend the Deva trained stylists if you find a good one as I honestly cannot tell the difference from when I went to the actual salon!