I am a Indian, from Chennai to be more specific. I remember the days when my mom used to pull my thick curly hair in to 2 side braids and to my sister too who had such a curly hair. Thankfully I found this CG Method a while ago and I absolutely love my hair I passed on the information(and organic products too ) to my sister in India who also absolutely now loves her curly hair.

I have a 3a and some 2c in the lower back(that sometime is so annoying to style!!)

I have been a CG for about 2 yrs now and I feel better about myself everyday!

My routine:I wash my hair every 3-4 days. wash -Deva No-poo on scalp and tresseme Naturals conditioner to detangle.leave in-Deva one condition rake through and wear it in a bun. Styling- Twist curl big chunks on the top of hair and scrunch with dime size Deva angel on each side. Plopp 20-30 minutes with old t-shirt

and Voila My hair holds up for 2-3 days with pineapple hair and silk cap at night.

I water spray and twist curl just the top layer with Giovanni Deep moisture conditioner.
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You have gorgeous hair.
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Shrinkage happens.