Had my first cut by someone who REALLY understands curly hair (I am 41!!!). She recommends Massey's Curly Girl method and I got some trial Deva products. She said to give her 6 months and she will have me loving my hair. I am trying to grow out a brazilian blowout and am going natural for the first time (I have a mix of 3c and fractured/zig zag curls - I have about three curls types I am working with -- the vast majority of my bb is gone). I HATE the crown because I define it as having "frizz" that very few other people seem to see!!! How long does it take to transition/get hydrated? Anyone else with 3cs, etc using this method? Any words of advice? I don't really care how tight my curls are as long as they are defined. I have baby fine hair and they seem to curl off on their own crazy direction on my crown. Underneath (it's been a week) it is really starting to start having defined ringlets but not so much on top/crown. I keep hoping that with more hydration it will just keep getting better. What do you guys think??? I really want to stay natural!!!! I am also a SERIOUS product junkie --- I just want to slather it on to try to hold down those hairs. Even though I have gotten lots of compliments on my newfound curls. I think I am CRAZY!!!!

I also apologize for not searching more on the board -- but I have small kids and am so desperate for info in the short time I can get on here!!!