I had always assumed that my hair was dry and damaged, so I always bought the dry and damaged hair products.

I tried the float test and the hair sat on top of the water for days until I finally poured it out. I even squished the hair down to the bottom of the jar and it made its way back to the surface.

a few things began to make sense: why my hair is dry no matter how much I condition it. Why styling gels and too much leave in make my hair stick together (not in the good way) and get more dry and tangly. why my hair (even though fine and not high density) was always nearly impossible to straighten. I had a stylist nearly give up on me. I tried to flat iron a few times unsuccessfully after over an hour! and that was the beginning and end of my hair straightening adventures. My hair was much more curly and difficult to manage when I was younger. My mom took me to a salon and they put a chemical relaxer leave in treatment. It did absolutely zero, as if the event never happened. I figured that straight hair was just not meant to be and that was my first and last attempt at relaxing.

ok. here is the question!!!! No matter what I do, my hair does the squeaky clean squeak when I move my finger up the strand. Hot showers do not help. Any type of rinse in conditioner does nothing, even if i leave it in for a few minutes. leave in only for me.

Oh and I have been doing CG for two weeks now and have noticed softer, bouncier, more defined (albiet still dry) hair.
Today I did my first low-poo wash and no cone rinse out conditioner and I am unhappy with it. way too dry. It was better when I co-washed with the suave coconut, skipped the rinse out conditioner, and put volumizer (no cones) leave in.

advice for very dry hair????

(some info... fine hair.. low density.. good elasticity.. I live in a very dry climate 10% humidity today)

thank you =)